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The Art Nouveau, birth and development of Art Nouveau in Brussels

Hotel Ciamberlani - Paul Hankar - Art Nouveau Brussels
The first Art Nouveau building was made in 1893 by the Architect Víctor Horta in Brussels, it was the Hôtel Tassel (considered the founding act of Art Nouveau

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Belgium was, after England, the second kingdom to start the Industrial Revolution. This brought techniques, a rapid development of the industry and unparalleled economic expansion.

Brussels, as the capital, witnessed a sharp population growth. It would be the golden age for the Arts, Letters and Sciences. A new generation of artists had the opportunity to evolve, creating an atmosphere of dreams and illusions in a happy life. This positive thinking catalysed a new architectural expression that corresponded to the demands of the society.

The MIM building - Brussels - Art Nouveau Brussels
The MIM building – Brussels – Art Nouveau Brussels.

Under this climate ART NOUVEAU was born in Brussels. A new architectural style that would be developed between 1892 and 1914. A variety of individual artistic expressions embellished with numerous samples the streets of Brussels. The first building in Brussels Art Nouveau was conceived in 1893 by the architect Victor Horta: the Hôtel Tassel. This architectural style was a boom especially between persons who made profession building Art Nouveau houses.

“The first Art Nouveau building was made in 1893 by the Architect Víctor Horta in Brussels, it was the Hôtel Tassel (considered the founding act of Art Nouveau).”

Some areas of Brussels such as Schaerbeek, Etterbeek, Ixelles and Saint-Gilles were developed during the golden age of Art Nouveau and still count nowadays a variety Art Nouveau houses.

Though many Art Nouveau buildings were destroyed in the years following the end of the Second World War, Brussels still has more than 500 constructions in the Art Nouveau style. Currently, most of these estate and buildings are part of the architectural and artistic heritage of the city of Brussels and are classified in order to preserve them.

Discover more about the birth and evolution of art nouveau.

Brussels is the undisputed capital of Art Nouveau and has more than 500 buildings in Art Nouveau style distributed mainly in the districts of Schaerbeek, Etterbeek, Ixelles and Saint-Gilles.

Art Nouveau Walking Tour – Brussels

The Art Nouveau circuit in Brussels is designed for you to visit the entire history of Art Nouveau. During the tour, you will visit the most emblematic houses and monuments of Art Nouveau. You will discover the historical context that favored the appearance of Art Nouveau, the first constructions, its evolution, the decline of this style of constructions and its current evolution.

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