Responsible and sustainable tourism codes – Belgium and the Netherlands

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Responsible tourism:

Responsible tourism is a way of touring and traveling and  preserving   and protect the heritage, culture and natural assets of the destinations.

The final objective of this type of tourism is to promote sustainable development and contribute to strengthening the local economy by creating jobs and buying local sourced products.

Sustainable tourism:

Sustainable tourism is defined as tourism that respects both the local population and the traveler, cultural heritage and the environment. It is about providing the traveler with an exciting and educational vacation, and at the same time being beneficial for the destination and its local people.

How to do responsible and sustainable tourism?

Responsible and sustainable tourism is based on the creation of collaborations between the different parties involved, always including the local community as the recipient of tourism.

Responsible and sustainable tourism in Belgium and the Netherlands:

At Bravo Discovery we are specialists in responsible and sustainable tourism. Our collaborators in Belgium and the Netherlands are all professional guides, certified by the local authorities. Our freelancers come from the “Haute École” of local tour guides. We promote culture and the local economy. We work only with local staff, associations, establishments and service companies.

Our ethical code and our commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism:

  1. Provide social and economic benefits for local communities.
  2. Respect historical and cultural heritage.
  3. Improvement of the tourist and resident interaction experience.
  4. Environmental protection and sustainable mobility.
  5. Services created to measure taking into account customer expectations.
  6. Perfect combination of pleasure and culture.
  7. Promotion of local culture.
  8. We work with local organizations and service companies (tourist offices, associations, artisans, establishments and local service companies).
  9. Guides and local staff.

And you, how can you do responsible and sustainable tourism?

  • Integrate into the local culture and respect their customs.
  • Hire local guides.
  • Consume local products.
  • Use public and / or environmentally friendly transport.
  • Contribute to the local economy.
  • Book your hotel and tourist activities directly on the website of the hotel and the local service provider (avoid using the intermediate reservation platforms).
  • Ask permission to photograph places or people.

Help us to promote this new form of more responsible and sustainable tourism for destinations and the planet. Share this article, follow our advice, plan your trip and book your activities in Belgium with Bravo Discovery.

The Bravo Discovery team

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