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Winter wonders 2019-2020 - Christmas tree, light and sound show at the Grand-Place in Brussels.

The Winter Wonders of Brussels

Discover the Christmas market, (les Plaisirs d’hiver) and the historical centre of Brussels with Bravo Discovery.

Belgian chocolate tasting tour – Brussels (Belgium)

Spend Easter in the land of chocolate

Belgium is not only the country of beer and French fries, but also of chocolate, so what better place to spend the Easter holidays than in Brussels and enjoy the creations of the best Belgian master chocolate makers.

Grand-Place Brussels - Free tour of Brussels

The 3 best free tours in Brussels

In this article, you will discover the three best free tours in Brussels: the Free tour of Brussels, the Free tour Art Nouveau and the Unusual Brussels tour.

The free tour companies of Brussels - The Grand-Place of Brussels.

What is the best Free Tour of Brussels?

If you visit Brussels or are planning to visit Brussels, you will see that several companies and independent tour guides offer “Free Tours” in English. In this article, we give you the best tips to help you choose and book the best “Free Tour of Brussels” and avoid bad surprises.

The Brussels Atomium decorated with the image of the Smurfs

The Belgian Comic Strip

Belgium is the country in the world where there are the most comic strip authors per square kilometre. In several cities, streets have been renamed with their names, some designers have decorated Brussels metro stations.

Chocolaterie Mary – A Belgian Royal Warrant Holder since 1942 - One of the best Belgian chocolates.

The history of Belgian chocolate

The Belgian chocolate has acquired an excellent reputation over the centuries. It distinguishes itself by its fine texture with a high content of cocoa butter, and is prepared with the best selection of grains.

Belgian brewery - Belgian Beer tasting tour Brussels.

The Belgian beer

Beer is the most consumed fermented beverage in the world, and is produced all around the planet. Nowadays, there are only a few natural and spontaneous fermentation beers. Belgium brews one of the best beers of that type, the “Lambic”, in a valley of the river Senne.