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Beer tasting tour in the legendary bars in the historical center of Brussels



Learn about the history of the most widely consumed fermented beverage

Tasting of 6 beers in must-see bars of Brussels

2.5 hour tour of the historical center

Practical information on Belgian beers (artisanal, trappist, seasonal, organic, etc.) and on the most popular bars, local breweries, abbeys and the main Belgian brewery groups around the world


Price: 30€

Professional guides (English-speaking). Experts and passionate about the tasting and the history of Belgian beers and Brussels

Every Saturday at 15h00

Booking is fast and easy

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This activity respects the codes of responsible and sustainable tourism. Thank you for your support.

Every Saturday


Every Saturday at 15h00

You can find us every day at 10h30 and 14h00 at the Brussels Grand-Place in front of the City Hall. Our guides hold a white umbrella with the Bravo Discovery logo.


Discover and taste some of the best Belgian beers in Brussels. The tour includes information about the Belgian nightlife, anecdotes on must-see places, the history of Belgian beer and, the best part, the tasting of special beers in some of the most legendary bars of the historical center.


  • Grand-Place, the house of the Brewers guild

  • Bar: La Mort Subite

  • Royal Theatre Toone, traditional puppet theater

  • Bar: À l'image de Notre-Dame

  • Bar: Delirium tremens

  • The former market hall on Place Saint-Géry



  • 30€


  • Every Saturday

Starting time:

  • 15h00

Meeting point:

  • Grand-Place in front of the City Hall. Our guides hold a white umbrella with the logo "Bravo discovery"


  • 2,5 hours


  • English


  • Professional guides (English-speaking). Experts and passionate about the tasting and the history of Belgian beers and Brussels

  • Tasting of 6 Belgian beers

Not included:

  • Additional drinks

  • The tickets to the museums


Size of the group: to ensure the best service possible, our tours are limited to 25 participants per group. For larger groups, please contact us.


  • Online booking: book and pay directly online

We advise you to reserve your place as soon as possible to ensure availability.

You can book up to 2 hours before the beginning of the tour (depending on the availability).

How to spot our guides? that’s easy! Our guides hold a white umbrella with the  "Bravo Discovery - Walking tour" logo on it. You will of course be informed of the name and contact details of your guide.

We are a group: we recommend our "Beer tasting tour" private guided tour starting from 170,00€. Send us a message to receive a personalised offer.

Information about the Belgian Brewers museum: open Mon-Sun from 10 am to 5 pm. Ticket: 5.00€

Do you have more questions? if you have any further questions or would like to get more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



  • To ensure your participation, we recommend booking your tour as soon as possible.

  • The number of participants is limited.

  • Bravo Discovery ensures participation to only those who booked in advance.

  • Without prior booking, our guides reserve the right to refuse participation in the tour depending on the availability.

  • We kindly ask you to be at the meeting point 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time.


  • You can book up to 2 hours before the beginning of the tour (please note that the number of participants is limited to 25 per group).


  • Up to 24 hours prior to the tour: 100% refund.

  • Less than 24 hours prior to the tour: no refund.


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Beer tasting tour in the legendary bars in the historical center of Brussels. Discover and taste some of the best Belgian beers in Brussels.
Belgian Beer tasting tour


The liquid bread

Beer is the most consumed fermented beverage in the world, and is produced all around the planet. The first historical evidence of beer was found during excavations in Nineveh, located in modern-day northern Iraq, in tablets of clay dating back to 3000 BC.


Beer has always been associated with cereals, and it is much more likely that its origin goes back to the first cereal crops from around 6000 BC. At that time, man relied on mother nature for planting barley and on indigenous yeasts from the air for inoculating the must (sugar extract), which triggered the fermentation process.

In the Middle Ages, abbeys diffused knowledge in certain crafts, including brewing beer. The monks were allowed to drink unlimited amounts of beer because the quality of the drinking water was unsanitary. Over that period, the main ingredient of beer was “Gruit”,  a herbal mixture commercialized by a family from Bruges. A little while later, thanks to their privileges, abbeys started to use a new element, hops, because it helped preserve the beer. In Belgium, the Abbey of Affligem became the first to grow hops in the Flanders fields.


In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, more and more regulations were drawn up to ensure that good beers were brewed. In Germany, the “Reinheitsgebot” (1516) stated that beer could be brewed exclusively from barley, hops and water. In Halle, in Flemish Brabant, a city account from 1559 refers to the mash for brewing “lambiek” beer. From the seventeenth century onwards, regional beers were created and brewers started to export their beers outside of their own region.


The end of the eighteenth century marked the end of the abbeys’ privileges. In 1783, the Emperor Joseph II dissolved the abbeys because they infringed upon the breweries. Several abbeys and their breweries were also destroyed during the French Revolution.


It wasn't until the nineteenth century and the invention of the steam engine, the artificial cold and the discovery and reproduction of yeast that our current beers were born. These new technologies revolutionized the art of beer brewing. The natural fermentation which took place randomly in the past has become today a process controlled by the best master brewers.


The nineteenth century marked a new chapter in beer history with the breakthrough of the Czech pilsner (1839), which was an instant success in the world of cloudy and dark (regional) beers. During the Industrial Revolution, scientists gained a better insight into the brewing process and yeast culture in general.


The First World War was the final blow for several Belgian breweries, when the German occupying forces seized the copper vats, equipment and their vehicles. Only half of the nearly 3,200 breweries survived it. The breweries, which slowly picked up where they left off, were dealt a new, heavy blow during the economic crisis of the 1930s and then the Second World War. There were only 775 breweries left in 1946.


Nowadays, there are only a few natural and spontaneous fermentation beers. Belgium brews one of the best beers of that type, the “Lambic”, in a valley of the river Senne.


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